Light Vehicle


We are excited that you are joining us as a new Apprentice!

The following training is designed to prepare you to become a skilled Auto Technician and increase your value to the dealer that is sponsoring you.

Complete the list below:
  1. Read the "Program Syllabus" below to understand the basic structure of the program.
  2. Read the "Learning Modular Order" to better understand the order of the Modules.
  3. Watch the "Class Navigation" video to understand how to use the online platform.
  4. Watch the "Assessment, Quizzes and Final Exam video to better understand how to pass the tests.
  5. Watch the "Study guide and Audio Book Instruction" video.  This will teach you about the already created tools to help you pass the exams.
  6. Once you have completed the above steps, proceed to your first Learning Module - AST100 Foundations and Safety (ASE - 0)
  7. Course Syllabi and required Tasks are Listed below and also available in each online Module.

Available Courses