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Automotive Apprenticeship Program

Program Description: This program is designed to provide an innovative automotive learning experience that is a complete curriculum deliver through online, classroom learning paired with hands-on apprenticeship led and taught by automotive service experts. This program will provide you, the apprentice, with an engaging and interactive content while developing proficient hands-on skill and learning the culture of the sponsoring company.

Program Length:

Approximately 12 - 24 Months

Related Instruction:

720-1000 hours

On the Job Learning:

2088 – 3000 hours

Proficiency Requirement:

High School Diploma or equivalent

Classroom & On The Job Schedule

**May vary based on dealer and campus location

class schedule

Program Modules and Skill Badges

job badges

Required Resources:

Jones & Bartlette Learning CDX Automotive Online Content

Program Layout:

A.Online Modules: Students will complete specific activities assigned in the CDX classroom. These assignments will be graded and a minimum score of 80% is required to pass.

B.Classroom Time: Each week you will attend 2 days a week where you will pass off with your instructor skills learned during the week in your online classroom.

C.Shop Time: You will be schedule approximately 32 hours a week of shop time at the sponsoring dealership. These hours may be associated with task sheets located in the online content. They will also be assigning additional duties as needed to fill your 32 hours. If there are no jobs in which your training will allow you to participate, the deal may have you observe or do other duties such as wash cars, man the front desk, perform porter duties, etc……

Apprenticeship Policies*:

  • Students must arrive on time for class and work with the necessary materials.
  • All assignments must be completed on time and with a passing score of 80% for competency skills and complete NATEF required task sheets at the following levels: P1 - 90%, P2 – 80%, P3 – 60%.
  • Cheating in any form may result in dismissal from the program.
  • Grooming and appearance must be neat and professional meeting school and work place standards.
  • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • You may be required to furnish required hand tools required to perform the work of an apprentice.

Attendance Requirements:

Each student is expected to attend schedule work hours, classroom hours and complete the online content within the designated time frames. The program is divided up into 9 content modules with related Task Sheets that need to be completed while On the Job hours are performed. If you are terminated form the sponsoring employer due to attendance, you will also be automatically dropped from the apprenticeship program with no refund of fees. See the Apprenticeship standards for additional criteria.

Task Sheets:

Each module has a set of Task Sheets that the apprentice can access and download online. They can download the Task Sheets as needed and as many times as they may need to use them. It is recommended that the apprentice use the Task Sheets as many times as needed to achieve a minimum acceptable level of professional performance as set forth by the employer.

At the end of each day the apprentice will login to their online classroom and will complete the Task Sheet Tracker, noting the competency level assigned to them by their mentor. At the end of each week, the mentor will login to the classroom, using instructor access, and will approve/reject the tasks completed by the apprentice.

Make up Policy:

At instructor/dealership discretion.


Tutoring is available. See instructor for tutoring schedule.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Guidelines:

Students in need of special accommodations should notify the director of education. Please consult School catalog for ADA Guidelines for students.

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